Welcome to the world of Eglin

I came up with the idea of Eglin a few years ago. I drew a few pictures and then my younger son, Jacob, started to compose the story of Eglin's life which inspired me to draw more pictures.

I'm not sure what Eglin is - Jacob think's it's a chick, but I'm not so sure. All I know is...

When it was time to hatch, all the other eggs cracked, split and then broke apart for the inhabitant to come out.


However, one egg was different, because when Eglin's shell cracked, a small piece of shell fell away and Eglin was able to look out. What he saw scared him and so he thought it was best if he stayed inside a while longer.

What transpired was that Eglin was connected to his shell in more ways than just protection - the shell would change colour dependent on Eglin's mood. But, Eglin was a complicated chap and so you couldn't always tell how he was feeling just from the colour of the shell.  Like people, Eglin wasn't that easy to read.


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