Why do Nickart2017?

Why start nickart 2017?

The reasons I started Nickart were quite simple.

1. I like to paint and draw

2. I don't tend to like looking at my work once it is finished

3. I suffer from anxiety, which leads me to start a lot of paintings but then freeze and be unable to continue with them.

The simple solution is to therefore create small pieces of art, which are quick to create and then leave them somewhere for others to find.

Initially I photographed them, but didn't leave any clues as to who had created them (these were the ones I did in Scotland). I then decided to create Instagram and Facebook pages with the same name, which I've written on the back of all subsequent work.

What are my reasons for continuing?

1. I'll be honest - I get a big kick out of people liking my art work and I have had some lovely messages from people who have found them, or want to find them.

2. My drawing and painting improve as I taken on different subject matter and styles.

3. I think making other people happy, in particular complete strangers, is the best thing you can do to make the world a better place. This may sound trite, but the news is full of so much darkness, bringing a bit of light into anyone's life has to be the greatest gift you can give (I shall stop now as people who know me will take the 'p' out of me).

What to expect on this blog?

1. I will share some of the messages I have received (being sure to protect anyone's identity).

2. I will talk about some of the artists who inspire me and whose work I copy - imitation being the the highest form of flattery.

3. Anything else that comes to me - I'm more of a painter than a writer and I don't expect my writing to be as popular as my paintings, so I won't be posting here as often.

Please feel free to leave any messages


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I love to paint, and I love sharing my art. get in touch if you'd like to buy any of the art you see on the site.

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