Newspaper, t-shirt and a date for the diary

Well it's been another fantastic week for nickart2017. I have been placing art round and about for 3 months now, and today will place my 150th piece - Woohoo! Follower numbers continue to increase with over 380 followers on Facebook and 115 on Instagram.

I've started to be a little bit more obscure with the photographs I'm placing with the hope that it might take longer for people to find them, but so far this isn't working and the pieces are still being snapped up very quickly. I'm thinking I'll have to be even more cryptic with my clues, and I'm also thinking of delaying posting the pictures to social media to increase the chances of someone finding them by chance.....


So the first headline this week (haha look at me with my puns) is nickart2017 had a small write up in the Maidenhead Advertiser. They approached me to do this, which was very flattering. I thought the write-up was really good, and have received positive feedback on Facebook.


This was an amazing occurrence. On the same day that the Maidenhead Advertiser article was published, I received a cryptic message to visit the ByGillian gallery in Bourne End as there was something there for me.

As I had mentioned in one of my postings I had a dream about being exhibited in there, and I always like to browse the artwork on offer, so it was no hardship paying a visit. Gillian Cumming, the owner of By Gillian was as welcoming as always and she was really pleased to say 'X' had been in and left me a gift, which turned out to be a nickart branded t-shirt. I can't describe how this made me feel, aside from being very happy. Thank you so much to 'X' for such a wonderful, thoughtful idea.

I shan't be wearing it in public around Bourne End in fear that pebble collector will stalk me :)

Date for the diary

Michael Kelly has been in touch to say the date and venue for the nickart2017 charity exhibition has been set as 25th November at St Marks church, Bourne End.

I would gather that normally an artist preparing for an exhibition will be creating their finest work and lining them up to be exhibited; unfortunately, I keep leaving my artwork lying around and people take it, so for the exhibition to be a success those of you with pieces will need to bring them along to the show.

I don't know how Michael intends to manage this, but he has an event set-up on the Bourne End and Wooburn past and present Facebook page. I will set-up a mirror event on the nickart2017 page to keep everyone up to date.

Please take part, as all proceeds will go towards good causes - further details on that to follow.

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