Water colours, byGillian, butterflies and travelling pebbles

The wonderful world of nickart continues to surprise me and lead me to places I didn’t expect.

Water colours

I discovered that July was world water colour month, so I decided to try my hand at water colour painting. Each day I created an animal painting and posted to my nickart Instagram and Facebook pages. I wanted to develop my own unique style that was easily recognizable and embraced my love of abstract art whilst still being recognizable as the various animals.

I have received some wonderful feedback and have even sold a number of paintings, so I shall continue to develop the style……


Gillian Cummings, owner of byGillian has offered me the chance to sell some of my work through her gallery. This is an amazing development as I never expected my art to be a commercial venture.

I am eager to keep going with nickart2017. Creating a distributing art for free remains my joy in life, but I am also excited at the opportunity to sell my work.

I started painting to help relieve stress and I will only put work on sale if I can do it without causing myself any additional stress, and if it doesn’t dampen my love of painting.

Fingers crossed that I can take Gillian up on her very kind offer…….


Several months ago when nickart2017 was at its fledgling stages I thought about arranging a treasure hunt. As I now have over 430 followers on Facebook and a further 130 followers on Instagram I thought I could put the idea into action.

Normally I leave artwork in a haphazard way at a variety of times and places. For the treasure hunt I decided to make it a bit more formal. I will make postings at set times on specific days so that everyone can be ready to pounce! I am also posting in the early evenings so that those who work during the day have a chance to take part.

The event runs 5th to 19th August after which I shall return to my haphazard posting.

Traveling pebbles

Finally, I received a picture today of one of my Marlow pebbles relaxing on a beach in Florida. This is the furthest travelled pebble/artwork I am aware about. I would love to hear about other artwork that has left the immediate area.

Please message me either through this website or via my nickart2017 Instagram or Facebook pages.

Thanks as always for the amazing support and kind messages - I’m glad my artwork is bringing such joy!

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I love to paint, and I love sharing my art. get in touch if you'd like to buy any of the art you see on the site.

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