Wooburn and Bourne End Village Show (Judge & animal hunt), Kefalonian adventure, Target magazine

A bit of a mixed bag this time. I had planned to write about the pebble art process, but that would involve a bit of planning and I wanted to get this blog out today, because of the first item….

Wooburn and Bourne End Village Show 3rd September.

I was very pleased when the organisers asked me to be part of the judging panel for the arts and craft competition at the village show. I have never been a judge for this kind of thing before so I’ll write about my experiences some time soon.

As I’m going to be at the park I thought I’d hide a few animal pebbles during the day. Keep your phones at the ready for the Instagram and Facebook updates as I post them…..

Kefalonian adventure.

I was very lucky to have two weeks on the Greek island of Kefalonian this summer. I took a small set of paints so I could leave a few pebbles, and as it turns out I ended up leaving 41 pebbles dotted around the island.

I have so far heard from a Greek gentleman who found 2 of the pebbles; I received a message from an Italian lady who had written a poem that mentioned finding one of my pebbles; And this week I heard from a lady from Budapest who has one of pebbles in her garden having found it while on holiday.

While I was away I had lined up the Great Bourne End Butterfly Hunt. This involved hiding 8 pebbles before going on holiday. I then scheduled the Facebook updates so I didn’t have to do anything while I was away. It all appeared to go smoothly with all 8 pebbles being found, and the extended time outside didn’t appear to have caused them too much harm.

Target magazine

I was interviewed for a piece in Target magazine, so keep your eyes open for the next edition - no doubt I’ll post something on Facebook when it comes out…..


After several requests for commissions I finally gave in and have taken on my first pebble and watercolour commission. I have also taken on a second pebble commission.

If you would like to commission me for a piece of art, please get in touch via my website or through Instagram or Facebook, and I’ll see what I can do….

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